Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Albums!

I'm so excited to be offering Kambara albums as part of my product lineup now! For a while now I have been searching for a modern, stylish matted album option to add to my album lineup, which proved to be a little bit tricky.  Many matted album companies tend to be a bit old fashioned (gilded edges, super thick faux leather cover, not a lot of design option).  But these Kambara albums are the perfect marriage (har!) of the classic matted book, with clean modern style.  All images are permanently mounted inside the windows, and are presented in this lovely satiny slipcover bag, nestled inside a larger, magnetic drop-front box.  The final product makes for an imposing, handsome statement on your wedding photography. 

This sample album here is an example of the ebony leather/cognac ostrich cover combo, with black mats.  The images you see are from a wedding I did last spring for Mike and Lonna.  I just presented it to them and they loved it! 

And yes, that is my coffee table. It has many scratches on it...

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  1. Love those albums, Abby...can't wait to work on ours!