Monday, April 27, 2009

Sena and Jovan!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Sena (rhymes with Jenna...) and Jovan in the Public Garden.  Question no. 1: How exactly are we going to do an intimate engagement the Public Garden...on the first 80 degree Saturday of the year? 

A little bit like this I guess...

Here are a few highlights: 

This one is possibly my favorite image from the whole shoot. I was experimenting with having fun with lens flare, not being afraid of it...

Also, it turns out Sena is an expert goose herder. 

This woman was absolutely born to have her picture taken....

I've said it before and I'll say it again: when a couple is this obviously in love, it makes my job SO fun and easy! Thanks to Sena and Jovan for a fantastic afternoon of picture taking.  I'll be photographing their wedding with Eric this year on July 11.  Can't WAIT!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I am so thrilled to announce a major addition to the Lorenz Photography team: Eric Reed.  Eric is a talented studio and lifestyle photographer whose perfectionism and enthusiasm for his profession, I thought would make a fantastic addition to my team.  I have thus far been the solo photographer on all my weddings (with the loyal assistance of my wonderful husband Caleb), so this will be a new venture for both of us.  As a creative professional I have been told since day one that you must observe your industry and adapt to growing trends--in this case, it's an upward growing trend of photography teams, not just one photographer.  So in evaluating my potential options for photography partners, I thought Eric would be the most natural choice: As previously mentioned he is a real perfectionist with his artwork, but he also has a fantastic sense of humor that I believe will coincide beautifully with my relaxed, fun-loving approach to my wedding photography.  We begin work together on our first wedding as a team this June.  Thanks to Eric so much for taking me up on this offer.  I think we're going to have a blast! For examples of Eric's work, just visit Eric Reed Photography.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Katie and Manny! Oh My!

A couple weeks back I did an engagement session with Katie and Manny--a fantastic couple who I met through my good friend Fran Betlyon.  Katie is a singer and an actress (with a voice that can shake the walls, might I add), and Manny is an architect.  Katie is so full of energy and life--I barely had to direct her...This is one of those couples who is so obviously into each other, it really makes my job so fun and easy! Here are a few of my favorites....

Katie took us to this cool old factory on Central Street in Somerville.  A bit later when we were across the street in the playground some cops cam to this parking lot--guess they're pretty serious about that whole no trespassing thing....
Seriously--it's like I wasn't even there! They just had a ball playing together!

I couldn't get enough of this tree!

I can't wait to work with them again this fall when I photograph their wedding! Thanks for an awesome time, guys! 

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ev's Birthday!

So about a month ago Caleb and I drove up to Portland, Maine to visit my cousin and her family.  They just moved to Maine from Chicago.  Because I am selfish, I am super pumped about this! We have lived in Boston for 3 1/2 years now and we really don't have any family near by, so it's nice to have my awesome cousin, Danielle and her family so close.  Extra bonus for this trip was, it was her son Ev's Birthday, and my Aunt Lynne and Uncle Dan were visiting from Minnesota! I should have put these pictures up weeks ago but haven't gotten a chance till today--and now that my blog is rolling I thought this would be a good excuse :) 

No, this is not Ev. That's my husband. He loves Pizza, like me! 

OMG a tent! 

Insert joke about 39-year-old playing with 4-year-old son's new Lincoln Logs. The look on his face is my favorite part of this. " this one...."
Ev didn't seem to mind though....

"Hmph....something isn't right about these Lincoln Logs....Dad.....?" 
Little Toes!
This is where it all started to go wrong....
"So help me I will make it work...."

Grandpa Dan teaching Ev how to ride his bike!
"Er! Am I doing it??!"
Yep....totally doing it.
Good Job Ev! 

Spring! It haz a Sprung!

Spring! It is here! And I have photographic evidence....

Like these here blue flowers, poking up out of the cold hard grassless patch of brown dirt in my front yard!!
And these here little white daises! Ooohh they're trying so hard!! 
And this here cat. Rolling about in the grass. 
Oh! Oh! Something about  nature's struggle to overcome man kind's industrialization of the earth! 

oh, Hai!!!

Okay so I actually set up this account a few months ago but never did anything with it.  Why? Because I couldn't figure out a good name. Then I got all freaked out and overwhelmed: "It needs to be professional, as it is for my photography, but not too formal" "Okay I want to to be kind of funny, but still pretty much say what this whole thing is"  I wanted something a little bit more interesting that Abby Lorenz Photography or Lorenz Photography or Abby (not that any of those aren't totally freakin' sweet blog titles. psh.), but then I choked. I get all freaked out when I'm on the spot to be clever like this.  

So in lieu of cleverness, I just decided to go the opposite direction and go with blatent obviousness.  Pictures? Sweet. Pizza? Amazing. Gin? One of my fave things ever...and so it is. Pictures. Pizza. Gin.  Nails it.