Monday, April 6, 2009

oh, Hai!!!

Okay so I actually set up this account a few months ago but never did anything with it.  Why? Because I couldn't figure out a good name. Then I got all freaked out and overwhelmed: "It needs to be professional, as it is for my photography, but not too formal" "Okay I want to to be kind of funny, but still pretty much say what this whole thing is"  I wanted something a little bit more interesting that Abby Lorenz Photography or Lorenz Photography or Abby (not that any of those aren't totally freakin' sweet blog titles. psh.), but then I choked. I get all freaked out when I'm on the spot to be clever like this.  

So in lieu of cleverness, I just decided to go the opposite direction and go with blatent obviousness.  Pictures? Sweet. Pizza? Amazing. Gin? One of my fave things ever...and so it is. Pictures. Pizza. Gin.  Nails it. 

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