Monday, April 6, 2009

Ev's Birthday!

So about a month ago Caleb and I drove up to Portland, Maine to visit my cousin and her family.  They just moved to Maine from Chicago.  Because I am selfish, I am super pumped about this! We have lived in Boston for 3 1/2 years now and we really don't have any family near by, so it's nice to have my awesome cousin, Danielle and her family so close.  Extra bonus for this trip was, it was her son Ev's Birthday, and my Aunt Lynne and Uncle Dan were visiting from Minnesota! I should have put these pictures up weeks ago but haven't gotten a chance till today--and now that my blog is rolling I thought this would be a good excuse :) 

No, this is not Ev. That's my husband. He loves Pizza, like me! 

OMG a tent! 

Insert joke about 39-year-old playing with 4-year-old son's new Lincoln Logs. The look on his face is my favorite part of this. " this one...."
Ev didn't seem to mind though....

"Hmph....something isn't right about these Lincoln Logs....Dad.....?" 
Little Toes!
This is where it all started to go wrong....
"So help me I will make it work...."

Grandpa Dan teaching Ev how to ride his bike!
"Er! Am I doing it??!"
Yep....totally doing it.
Good Job Ev! 

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  1. Fun to look at.We had a big chuckle with the photo of Ev frustrated with his lincoln logs. Great shot,great caption. Lynne