Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lorenz Photography Presents: BRANDY AND JOHN!

My cousin Brandy got married a couple weeks ago, a I got the honor of photographing the whole affair! I had SUCH a fun weekend, being back in Nebraska (I'm grew up in Omaha), drinking beers with my cousins and meeting my new little baby cousin Will (Tyler and Lana's new bubs). I love my family so much, and any time I get to spend with them is never quite enough.

In the meantime, Brandy has been having kittens waiting for the pictures, so while I'm waiting for Pictage to do their thing, I thought I'd put up a preview of some of my favorites! Enjoy:

The first few here are from the rehearsal and groom's dinner.

The Man:

John helping himself to the bar at the Schuyler Country Club:
Brandy looking more like Louise than I have ever seen....

Lana is by far the coolest new mom ever. I asked her to hold her baby in a way that made him cry and she laughed at him. Brilliant.

Nebraska sun is SUNNY.

Thank you everyone for a fantastic day!! I love you all.

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