Monday, October 12, 2009

We're all mad here....

This Past weekend, Katie and Manny got married in one of the most beautiful settings I have yet to encounter: On the terrace of the Fuller Crafts Museum in Brockton.  With the beautiful Autumn colors serving as a backdrop to the whole affair, Katie and Manny's wedding was one of the most personal, unique and special events I have experienced. 

For starters, Katie got ready in one of the craft rooms in the museums--random stoves, ovens, clothes pins, hardware and lots of spilled paint.  Fun!

Oh my how I love fall 
One of my favorite special touches: As part of Katie and Manny's Alice in Wonderland themed wedding, her nieces read passages from the Lewis Carroll Story.  The readings were printed out and adorned with these lovely ribbons...very ethereal...

I love funny little wedding snafus: Katie's officiant/godfather accidentally skipped the "I do" part of the ceremony, and went straight to the kissing part.  After a brief moment of confusion, Manny took it upon himself to enthusiastically declare his intent: "I DO!!"

Finishing touches: to further emphasize the Alice theme, Katie and Manny provided their guests with little take away boxes for all the desserts and candies, and labled them "Eat Me."  A delicious way to wrap up the night!


  1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the second photo here! You are amazing Abby!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for your amazing work on our wedding day. We are so ridiculously blessed to have had you and Eric (and Caleb!) contribute to the day and document it in that perfect blend of natural and artistic that you seem to achieve so effortlessly. Everyone should have like 5 weddings and pay you to photograph them all.

  3. I hope she meant 5 wedding with the same person.
    I second what Katie said. Thank you for capturing every detail (and emotion) of our wedding day!

  4. the photos are so much fun... they really seem to capture the emotions of the day!! great work :)