Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photos for PPA Magazine's 2010 Cover Contest

Okay. So.

If anyone out there is a photographer or even amateur photographer, you can all attest to the fact that one of the hardest parts of our jobs is editing.  That is, narrowing down your pictures to a cohesive body of work that represents you as a photographer, and expresses your vision.  Seriously, this is one of my big weak spots as I feel so emotionally attached to everyone of my pictures. 

I decided that I'm going to enter PPA Magazine's 2010 photo cover contest, to which you can submit one (ONE!) image.  One? Really? C'mon. Really? I have 21,000 files in my "wedding photography" folder in my Lightroom catalog. One? Crap.

So I obviously can't do this alone. So I'm enlisting you, dear readers, fans, clients, friends, and family.  I went through and picked out a handful of my favorite images and I'm posting them here.  I want your feed back. I want your ideas.  And if there's a picture here you don't see that you know of that you think I should consider entering--tell me!

These are pictures that are my favorites, but also, in my opinion, represent my vision as a photographer--fun, wild, colorful, cheerful, happy, exciting.  These are also the pictures that I think a national magazine might actually be willing to print on their magazine unlike this one and this one which, while they are both a couple of my favorite pictures I've ever made, I have a hard time believing PPA would print them on the cover of their mag. Anyway...this is the group I picked:

These first two from Sena and Jovan's wedding are what I would consider my "signature" images.  These images totally represent the way I see, and the energy and excitement I bring to my wedding photography. Really, this first one is my first instinct to be my submission, except that it's a horizontal image. It could be cropped to a vertical for a magazine cover but I think that would make it an entirely different picture completely. 

So? Have at it--write me your ideas in the comments or on my Facebook Page (where you should add yourself as a fan!).  Again, if you can think of another picture of mine that you know you like but I forgot about here--tell me which one.  Let's hear it!


  1. #1 pic of Sena and Jovan. Totally the best ;)

  2. I agree! And you would think I would vote for my own picture, but that first one is amazing.

  3. good idea,except you are disqualifying yourself by posting the images. They can't have been published anywhere, including internet, read the rules again, you have some great shots..