Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mac: aka: Mac Attack; aka: Macadoodle (that's mine); aka: Tutes (?); aka....The Old Man.

Oh Mac...where do I begin?

Mac is the beloved extended house guest of my dear friends Molly and Rager--Molly found him as a scrappy little stray running about the streets of Watertown, and has since been her resident guy-on-the-couch for the past 10 years.

Mac is getting up there in years but you might not tell by the ADORABLE fluff-ball puppy face of his. Despite his age, this senior citizen continues to live life to the fullest, engaging in a wide variety of activities and hobbies, including but not limited to: using his doggie steps, groaning to be helped down off the couch, eating his food one morsel at a time, and peeing in the kitchen (it's okay he's got a pretty small tank).  He's also an avid exercise enthusiast, who maintains a strict daily regiment of jumping for Cheezits and walking circles in the bed every day. Cheezits are also a big source of activity and interest for the old man, who enjoys all Cheezit related activities such as eating them, begging for them and of course, jumping for them!

Ahh Mac...everyone's favorite dirty old man. Thanks Molly and Rager!


  1. Aww! I miss MY little pooper :(! These pics are great Abby! Maybe while you are home for Christmas, you could photograph Jackson...he poses like a champ!

  2. hey abby!
    didn't know you had a blog... anyways, i spended quite a bit of time checking out your photos. they're all quite lovely! i love love love the contrast in your shots and you make great use of that fisheye! really - nice eye!

    if you ever get bored, you may stumble over my random doodlings at

    again, nice work!

  3. The "Poor Man's Dolly" is looking adorable! I love these.