Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lorenz Photography: Lydia and Tom on the Farm in Acton!

Oh Lydia and Tom.  Where do I even begin? I guess with pictures...


Lydia and Tom are the embodiment of my favorite thing about being a wedding photographer: making real, true genuine connections with people, through photography.  From the minute Lydia walked into the cafe in Concord to meet with Caleb and me, it was on.  It was so on.  Poor Caleb sat there for an hour trying to squeeze a word in here and there, which was a mostly futile effort as Lydia and I did not. stop. talking.

So when we went to their house in Acton for the engagement shoot, and Lydia warned me there would be cocktails aplenty, I knew we were in for a good time.  Adorably, Lydia and Tom are a lot like Caleb and me.  She's outspoken and full of talkative energy and has so much to say; Tom is a little more reserved, satisfied to kick back and sort of take everything in, but not at all shy to jump in when he's got a zinger.  These two are so in love, and I'm so gosh darned excited to not only get to work with them, but to know them.

Also, slightly off topic: Have you ever been to Idylwilde Farms? That's where Tom works, and because Lydia and Tom are awesome and share our love of delicious food and drink, after we were done with the shoot they took us to the farm and treated us to some delicious champagne mangoes, fresh spinach and fantastic brie.

A drive out to the country, running around in an orchard and on a farm at dusk taking pictures, cocktails, cheese, a patio and new friends: That's what I call a pretty rad day.  Thanks Tom and Lydia.

Oh, and yes, tequila and sparkling limeade will now be my new summer time drink.  Sorry gin.

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