Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Boston Wedding Photography: Lydia and Tom's backyard pig roast reception! Yeehaw!

I've been SO EXCITED for Lydia and Tom's wedding ever since we met up with Lydia for coffee in Concord a few months ago.  Lydia, bubbly and bursting with energy and excitement about pretty much everything, was planning a backyard wedding (always love) with a pig roast reception.

A pig roast reception. 

Have I mentioned how awesome my job is? HAVE I???

(Fair warning--there are pictures of the pig post-roast included in this post, so to my vegetarian or otherwise sensitive readers, consider yourself warned!)

This was one of my favorite elements from the day: If I understood the story correctly, Lydia and Tom had these wooden farmhouse tables made special for their reception by her uncle.  They were PERFECT to continue the feel of this rustic but elegant backyard wedding.  
There was so much booze! 

It's also worth noting that this was the coolest tent (Sperry Tents) I've seen at a wedding--not just a plain white tent, but it had these beautiful star cut outs and really fun flags waving.  The support beams weren't just metal beams that needed to be covered with fabric to make them pretty, instead they were rich wooden posts that were just beautiful on their own--it made the whole event so special and unique. 

Lydia and Tom--thank you so much for inviting us into your amazing, personal unique wedding.  

My job rules.  

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  1. Great pictures of a beautiful bride; although I may be slightly prejudiced, since she is my granddaughter!