Monday, June 7, 2010

Boston Wedding Photography: Jon and Emily on Bailey Island Maine: Part 1

A few months back, Emily left me a sweet message on my Facebook fan page that said something like "Abby! We want you to photograph our wedding!" and I thought Aw that's nice...but they wouldn't actually hire me.

Why? Because I'm insecure :) No actually it's because I know Emily's husband Jon from NESoP where he totally ruled at everything: Advertising (he actually assisted me on my first studio shoot at Decordova), Fine Art Color and Documentary.  Guy was selected by his class to represent them as their speaker at graduation last year.  Jon teaches photography.  He's also mind-meltingly smart (with a masters in Psychology) and knows so much about art and photography it makes me want to run and hide.  Jon hire me? Yeah right.

Yeah. Right? Right! I've said it a hundred time leading up to this wedding, but the fact that Jon Lee asked me to not only be at his wedding but be his official photographer say the very least, humbling.  It's ALWAYS flattering when anyone asks me to be their photographer, but when someone like Jon, who I hold in very, very high esteem asks me....well, it's an incredible feeling.

Even better--this was no ordinary wedding. Oh no--this was a Jon and Emily affair. And by that I mean: incredibly unique, personal, colorful, beautiful, creative and spiritual.  In deciding what kind of wedding Jon and Emily wanted to have, it turned out that many elements of the traditional Korean wedding coincided with their views on marriage, love, family and community.  After doing extensive research (according to Jon, the traditional Korean wedding pre-dates our grandparents' generation), Jon and Emily crafted this incredibly special wedding, blending Jon's Korean back round with Emily's Italian and English back round. Not only was the wedding itself beautiful (on Bailey Island, Maine, no less), but the coming together of two families and a variety of cultures and traditions to not only celebrate Jon and Emily, but to come together as one family--cooking, drinking, laughing, and loving. It was, in the truest sense of the word--a beautiful day.

Look alive for Part 2, probably tomorrow: Korean Barbeque, Jon's mom throwing chestnuts at Emily (yes, actually), and much much more celebration.

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