Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boston Wedding Photography: Maura and Josh at 319 A Street.

Maura and Josh.  Kablamo.  There's really nothing else to say about this super awesome, super chic, super fun, super stylish wedding with this super hot couple.

(Snort. Corn Palace.  Awesome)
How much do I love this woman, by the way? Her hair, her make up her dress, her posture; absolutely stunning.  She probably thought I was a weirdo 'cause I kept taking her picture.
This wedding was frought with really really really ridiculously good looking people.  Including the lead singer of Groove Authority, a band I have had the pleasure of working with twice now (the other time was at Nate and Sarah's wedding at Gibbet)  Laya has pipes that made me weak in the knees and shivery in the shoulders.  That compounded with the band's super funky, very awesome sound made the night so, so so fun.  
Look, guys! It's Katie and Manny

Giant massive enormo thank you to the above mentioned Katie and Manny for sending Josh and Maura my way! And equally enormo thank you to Maura and Josh for choosing us to be their photographer.  SO FUN. Thanks, guys!


  1. Abby you rock!
    You made our day even more special and helped us create memories that will last a lifetime. Everyone we talk to is incredibly impressed with your photos! You have an ability to capture life in such an organic way with an "artsy" twist.
    Thanks to you and "Dr. Caleb!"
    Maura and Josh

  2. snaps are reality..and wedding photographers done a great job to have this.

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